Thursday, April 26, 2012

Marmite and tea and chocolate

Given the title, Dear Reader, I could forgive you for thinking this post was a self indulgent one about the things I really like.

To some extent it is.  But one of those things is Evil Personified. (We think)

I am a simple person.  I have simple tastes and simple needs.  However, even I was astonished by the simplicity of what made me happy over the last few days.  Marmite on toast, and hot sweet tea.  I've had the mother, father, and grandparents of all headaches over the last couple of days.  Can't eat, can't sleep, can't stand, but obviously have to teach and go to work lol!

But the joy of toast and marmite has transcended all things, in terms of being able to eat and drink.

I am, however, shattered from the waves of pain.  I have not really had one as bad as this before, and it has come in waves and gone in waves, and returned with it's mates, and so on.  It exists on one side of my head, right hand side, in and behind the eyeball and ear and neck.

We think it might be chocolate related - I had some *good* chocolate the other day, and it came on about 20 mins afterwards.  It had finally gone last night, and my boy shared his Easter egg with us, and BAM it was back.  We'll see.

Anyone else have anything along these lines?

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