Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quiet Saturday? Finally.....

After the rushing around of the last few weeks, and the rushing around that will come in the next few weeks, this weekend is an oasis in the middle of chaos.

I've got plenty of work to do, of course, I always have lol, but I'm planning on doing it slowly and chilling my way through it.  All I have to do is "get on with what comes next in my day"  That's it.  Just do the next thing. (Thanks Trevor)

I tweeted with the Thinking Slimmer people yesterday, about an electronic version of their handbook.  Anyone who knows me will know that I am not a paper person.  I am just not.  I will lose it, crumple it, forget where it is, put it in a lovely folder and lose the folder, and so on.  I need an electronic thing.  Even I can't lose the entire internet.

I've made myself an evernote folder to start with, but to make sure I am accountable, I'm also going to put the targets on here.

1) I want to wear my black size 10 jeans comfortably.  Right now I can't get them past my hips.  If I get chance, I intend to take a photo to increase my awareness of how I'm doing.
2) I want to not rely on sugar to get through my day.  This is a change in attitude, in awareness of what I'm eating.  I've fallen into the working mother trap of grabbing stuff when I can, then doing a full meal in the evening for everyone, tasting whilst I do it (it's a necessity for a good meal!) and then eating too big a portion, then snacking in the evening.
3) I want to wear a summer dress and not look like material stretched over treetrunks.  I'm 37, I'm not in bad shape, but I am heading out of shape and I will not let that happen.  I won't.  My son is not having a fat mummy at sports day, or someone who can't play with him, or someone his friends laugh about.  No way.

It wants a time, I want to do this by the start of August.  Or be really on the way.  I want to feel like I can run on the beach with my boy without Jodrell Bank phoning up to say that I'm upsetting the telescope settings.  (Once again, I appreciate that I am not mega-massive, but since I've had my knee done I find it hard to run, and when I do, it's less of a run and more of a lumber.)

I also need to record 3 things I have noticed.

To be fair, the first day I didn't notice very much, because I had a busting headache.

1) I'm choosing to drink water - but I don't remember making that choice.
2) I'm eating sweets whilst the lads are flying, but less than usual, and I can hear Trevor telling me it's my choice. 
3) I've just realised I didn't eat my chocolate treat yesterday morning, but I did have a healthier snack at break time.

Yesterday I ate.....

2 slices toast with mashed banana on top - and I've just realised I didn't put sugar in.

oatcakes and honey (graze box)
Garden of England (graze box)

cheese and potato pie and salad

bag of bacon crisps

lamb rogan josh and rice, 1/2 naan bread, 1/2 popadum. - and I didn't eat all of it.

So there we go!

I've listened today, and we'll see how it goes.  I only get quiet time in the mornings, so that's when I listen.  I need to listen to the Chillpod as well, so I'll see when I can get that in.

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bod for tea said...

Good for you!! Well done for setting these goals. Have you ever taken a look at the site? There's a new beginners Lite workout which would be the perfect companion to your new eating regime. Best of luck! x