Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hiatus? and Slimpod

There's been a bloggy break for a couple of weeks, mainly due to the burglary at the shop and working every minute God sends to get things back on track.

In the last week or so, I've been listening to an audio download from thinkingslimmer.  The relax one, lovingly called by the compant a "Chillpod".  Partly, I downloaded this one because it was free, and partly because I can feel my stress levels rising as we get to the anniversary again.  I thought it was just me last year, and I don't really remember the year before that as the first year, but apparently not.  I also don't think it's all the anniversary, I think it has a lot to do with work levels in teaching at this time of year, with the way that life in general is going, with report writing, and so on.  Anyway, the net result is that I am Not A Happy Bunny as we change seasons. 

I was sceptical.  I'll grant that.  However, this is me, with my hat covered in salt and red sauce.  Somehow, I find it is helping, and that I am calmer.  Yesterday I missed a day, and I noticed it.

So yesterday I downloaded the next step.  The Drop 2 Jeans sizes slimpod.  Before anyone goes off on one that I am not fat, I completely agree with you.  I'm not.  This is me, without body dysmorphia or whatever they call it when you think you are a heifer and you aren't.  I am, however, still struggling with my knee.  It's been over a year.  The weight that I put on when I was heading towards the surgery and couldn't walk properly, added to the weight that I put on after the surgery, when I grumpily tried to go through getting better, is all adding up to the fact that I am getting bigger.

I refuse to get to a size 16 again.  I just won't.  Whilst I know that a lot of it isn't my fault, that a person *has* to eat something when they are recuperating or immobile, I'm faily sure that *something* doesn't involve whole packets of biscuits!

Then I got talking on twitter to @TheMoiderer , who is an utterly top bird, and she was saying how good it was and how it worked for her, and so I took a wander through her blog and was convinced that there could be hope!  I don't have time to diet and think about food and so on all the day.  I also don't want it all to go and then come back with all it's friends.  That happens.

Hence the Slimpod. Will it work? I don't know - but then I was sceptical about the Chillpod, and that appears to be working.

It advises not weighing (which is good as my scales are broken) and measuring instead. 

waist 31
stomach 40
each thigh 25
hips 43

My bust is around 36/38, depending on time of the month, and the stomach can expand to overfill a size14 when that happens as well!

The slimpod people don't know I've written this, so they aren't influencing me in any way, although I am following them on Twitter and they seem nice folk! (I will tell them I've written this though - I don't want to talk about them behind their backs!)

IN other news, I have started report writing.  Deep joy.

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