Thursday, May 3, 2012

A week already? And ICT.

Apparently it's been a week since I last wrote on here.

Sometimes that happens in my life though, and life has been so hectic recently.  Most of it is work related with the new Virtual Learning Environment going live to my class this week, and then email having gone live last week, and just STUFF! lol!  The result so far is that the children love it, the boss thinks I've done a great job, and we'll wait and see what the parents think.


Do we need Virtual Learning Environments?

Do parents want children checking the website and looking to see what is on it?  Am I sloggin my guts out for no good reason?  Should children be let to be children, and he home/school divide remain?

As a teacher, and an ICT specialist, I think that the VLE is great.  Love it lots.  Work on it loads.  And so on.

As a parent, it's good to be able to see what my son has to do.

But as a teacher, it's another pull on my time.

As a parent, I also want my son to relax and be an 8 year old boy, as well as a student.

Any thoughts?

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