Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 random things

I've been tagged about 90 million times, so I'm finally giving in and doing it. I don't expect people are that interested tbh, and I shan't be tagging anyone else, if only because most of the people I would have tagged have tagged me. And the others can't count to 25......

1) Baking is the most fun a person can have with their clothes on. The burns are very painful if you do it without clothes on.

2) I've been a RPGer since I was 18. I love it, but I love LARPing more. And if I need to explain those things, you don't need to ask.

3) I am a terrible Christian, as I struggle to put God before all things. Thus, I consider myself a FROG.

4) In the house are (at the last count) Joe the cat, Lightening the hamster, Fudge the Guinea-pig, 3 fish tanks and Dave the crayfish. The fish don't have names.

5) I hate enclosed spaces.

6) My boss said he never thought of me as the Fanny Craddock type when I took cake etc in for my birthday. I would rather be thought of as the Nigella type. I fear this may never happen.

7) I studied for 2.5 years with the Jehovah's Witnesses on a Thursday evening. They're still wrong.


8) Icecream is my comfort food of choice, although when under real stress I won't eat. Each divorce I lost 3 stone in weight. If I get married again, and divorced again, I may evaporate.

9) My email name used to be "I am the cat who walks by myself," if you can complete the quotation you can have 5 points, 10 if you can name the author.

10) I believe ASD is genetics, not vaccines. But I think the genes we all have are deeply affected by our environment as we pass them on to the next generation. IF that made sense.

11) I don't believe Obama is the Anti-Christ, nor to I believe he is the epitomy of black people finally making it to the top. After all, he's half white.

12) I met R at a gaming club that my then husband had set up. Funny how things work out.

13) I hate my son going to see his father overnight. But he loves it, so I say it's ok.

14) I would like to have more boy children. I am afraid to have girl children. I think if I had had girl children first though, I would be afraid to have boy children. It's in His hands.

15) Most people think that I wouldn't watch Monty Pythons Life of Brian because I am a Christian. I wonder who they think invented laughter?

16) I like to tell stories to children.

17) I'm not good at diplomace or hierarchy. This is not a good combination of things not to be good at.

18) I'm 34 and feel 22.

19) I used to be a 36DD. THen I breastfed for 2.5 years.

20) The most amusing insults I ever had were being called "skanky earth mother b****" and "Mary F****** Poppins" I'm not good at being insulted. I laugh too easily!

21) I like my house. I'd like it better if it was finished.

22) I still have Christmas cards up. I like them.

23) I am a FLYbaby, just fluttering along.

24) I wanted to be an engineer.

25) I love my life.

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