Saturday, January 31, 2009

Richard Hammond stole my day....


Maybe he didn't.

But the facts are that I have been sat here for over an hour looking at Hammond tribute clips.

I have to get on.

First three things to do then.

1) bread on. done
2) clear kitchen sides. doing
3) cup of tea. doing

2nd 3 things

1) cat box
2) washing to dry done
3) reload washing machine done

3rd 3 things

1) wipe bathroom
2) start dining room table
3) think about what to bake for tonight. doing

I think that will do.
phoned mum
unpacked organic delivery
put two chickens in to roast
folded washing
cleared behind the fishtanks

ate lunch
watched ANTM (lol at myself!)
found marking SATs stuff
Updates in a while. 1230 update 1330 update

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