Saturday, January 31, 2009

Concerns about Dave

Last Sunday I was given a beautiful Australian blue crayfish, which I obviously named Dave. Dave is a frozen food eater which I think means high nitrate levels in the water.

I hope that's what it means, because that's what we've got. High nitrate, high nitrite, so I've done a 25% change, I'll do another one in a couple of days (makes a mental note to do this on Wednesday!) and that should start to even this out a bit.

The Mollies had high nitrate, but low nitrite and low ammonia, which is good. That tells me the nitrate is the issue, probably caused by the decaying fresh food which Dave has, for his own reasons, left behind.

And it's nearly 4pm, so R will be up soon. And then going. I hate him being on nights.

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