Saturday, March 21, 2009

1640 and....

..... a lot has happened in the house actually!

We're not gaming tonight, which is nice in some ways because it means that R and I will get a night to ourselves again. I'll bake tomorrow and then the AC can help me and decide what we have and so on. He likes doing all that.

R has cleaned the kitchen, as he said he would (he's a star like that!) and I've sorted washing out as well as paired the socks and put most of it away. I'm having a sleepy moment again, so I've had a bowl of icecream. I had one at around 1.30 and so R made me sit down and have a banana and an orange. And once again, I felt better.

It's an odd kind of tired, because my muscles are heavy, not much yawning, some energy, but not a lot, aching eyelids (!) and it comes and goes with no sleep being involved lol! Last night I had a good 7 hours sleep, then another hour or so around 9-1030, and I'm still whatever this is. How strange!

However, regardless of this, life continues lol!


This post was interrupted by an unexpected phonecall from BG! I answered the phone to hear "Is it ringing?" from the She-Ex, and "No" from BG. Of course it wasn't ringing, I'd answered it! But I heard it was BG so I said hello a couple of times, and then she said, really politely, "Can I speak to my Daddy please?" and I said of course she could, and they had a lovely conversation. She told Daddy that she was going to find her Duke when she was older, and Daddy has agreed that they can look into finding him when she's older. I don't remember the She-Ex ever telling us what happened to that dog, but it's all under the bridge now. R was so chuffed to have heard from BG today!

Tomorrow they are going to talk more about what she would like for her birthday. Last time her parcel cost over £100 to send, which is fine. (And more reliable than Fed-Ex apparently!) I'm looking into if we can send it more cheaply, even if it takes longer, because then we can spend more on her present.

Times like this I'd like to have a good relationship with the She-Ex, so I could thank her for making an effort to improve their relationship today, but she'd probably think I was taking the mick, she's so distrustful of us and our motives for doing anything. *sigh* Never mind. I am thankful though.

Tonight I'm not sure what we're doing, but I think we'll be doing it together. Kim brought me the sewing machine she said I could have, and it's a dinky little thing. Sews a straightforward seam though, so that's fine. I might have a try with it tonight, if it's not too noisy for the AC.

Right now, I'm going to think about tea. Sausages, fried potato, maybe an egg, beans, that kind of thing. Proper Saturday night tea! I'll do a bit extra as well, as the AC will be back around 6, and he's bound to be hungry again! He always is!


AC has uniform, swimming kit, KSW kit for Monday.
R has uniform, gym kit for Monday (Cue music - It's the final countdown da da da daaaaa dede da da da!)
washing is washed, dried, folded, put away, paired where required.
lunch was lovely (bacon sandwiches, cooked by the man!)

In the next 50 minutes, before the child returns, I need to do more washing, peel and start potatoes for tea, wipe kitchen units down and wipe the bathroom, and I think we're done!

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