Saturday, March 21, 2009

especially as....... the avatar post!

This is my work one that I try and remember to put on when I am working, because then people who know me don't try and IM me unless it's desperate.

This was made with the help of the AC. There are a number of these. Can you guess which ones lol?

This is how I would like my lounge to look. Nothing special, just not quite so cluttered as it is now! No work books, just an open fire and a lovely sofa.

Hmmmm. Might this be one of your guesses?

This was the one I did the other day when I was feeling so in love with the man I might burst. I didn't burst, but I might have!

I am Princess Leia apparently.

Fitness Freak - for when the exercising is going on! (It'll be up soon!)

My sorting stuff out avatar. For getting on with stuff.

Biker Chick. Oh yeah! I've only got textiles at the moment, but I'll have leathers one day!

Poorly, tired, had enough. If you see this one up, don't expect coherent responses to anything!

My most recent one. I really like this one.

Chilling and relaxing. This one I titled "And we're calm." because it used to go up after the She-Ex had been trying to wind me up. Now I don't talk to her (her choice!) and life is much nicer, so I put it up when I am already chilled and calm and pottering about on here.

So there we go.

There are some wilder ones on my MSN thing, but I can't work out how to download them yet.

I will!

I hope that wasted some time for you nicely!

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