Saturday, March 21, 2009

UP half an hour and......


the bin is emptied and rebagged
the cat box is emptied and relittered.
the washing machine is emptied and refilled.
the drier is airing the clothes
the recycling is outside in the green bin
breadmaker is on
I'm having a drink
cat is fed
hamster is fed
guinea pig is fed

Not bad for that little time.

The kitchen needs

dishwasher emptying and refilling
oven wiping
counters wiping
organic fruit/veg delivery putting away
floor sweeping
window wiping

The front room needs

washing folding from the basket
socks pairing
small table clearing
fish water testing
patio doors wiping

The dining room needs

table clearing
computer table clearing
hamster big cleaning out
guinea pig big cleaning out
fish water testing
window wiping

The hall needs


The bedroom needs
bags of clothes for charity sorting
bed changing
window wiping
books putting away (you know how they stack up when you read in bed.....)

AC's room needs

sheet changing
duvets putting away (currently has 3 and a blanket on his bed because he persists on sleeping on top of one, so we just get another one out of the cupboard and pop over him when he's cold)
floor discovering lol!
clean clothes putting away

AC needs
swimming kit sorted and hung up
uniform for the week

R needs
uniform for the week
gym kit for the week

I need
daily clothes for the week

Living here generally needs

Calendar writing
menu planning
food buying
nice things cooking
meals ahead cooking
bottles washing

School needs

literacy planning
numeracy planning
weekly planning
SEN planning
literacy marking
Key Objective marking
School Development Plan writing
resources finding
Threshold downloading

So around 50 things need doing today.


Place your bets on how many I'll get done..........

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