Friday, March 13, 2009

And in other news....

... there had been no phonecall, no email, no nothing, so R phoned last night to speak to the BG and apparently the BG's Grandparent is back from wherever she's been, so is back to looking after her, and quite how we were supposed to know this I don't know lol! I expect there will be a grumpy email in the Outlook Inbox and somehow it'll be our fault for not knowing lol! It usually is! You'd be amazed the things we can affect from thousands of miles away lol! However, we persevered, and we *did* speak to the BG yesterday, and she was interesting in what she said, but also quite chatty and happy with what Daddy had to tell her, which was cool. She is so amazing (but hadn't handed her homework in! Tsk tsk tsk!)

Today however, the She-Ex cannot depress me because it's Red Nose Day! Woooooooooo!

We have a non-uniform day at school and are encouraged to wear something silly, so I intend to go in my usual clothes, but mess things up a bit - pictures will be forth coming! The AC loves these kinds of days, although he would rather just go in his own clothes. We've also got a magnetic Red Nose for the car that R doesn't know about, which the AC and I intend to sneak out and slap on just before he goes! Again with the pictures, obviously.

I need to get in the shower though, so laters people, I'll let you know how the day goes when I'm in the midst of my alonetime later on.........

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