Friday, March 13, 2009

Comic Relief

Comic Relief 09.

I'm loving it - probably! Suffice it to say that my weekend is not going anywhere near the plan. The plan was to work lightly during the week, then spend Saturday working my behind off to get everything done and dusted ready for the week.


Earlier on today, as I am frantically trying to get my children sorted for their class assembly, which was today, alongside Comic Relief and non-uniform and so on, I get a text. Basically it says that the He-Ex feels poorly, has a cold, and isn't sure about picking up the AC. But it's my call.

It's always my flaming call. So I phoned him, and said I was not prepared to choose whether he saw his son or not, that he had responsibilities, and that if I said "No, you're too ill." then in six months he'd be using it as a way to have a go, saying I hadn't let him see his son, and that I was a bad mother and so on. He's done it before. He'll do it again. So no. You want to wimp out of taking care of your son, you say it. The cold was one that AC had given the He-Ex in the first place anyway.

So then I got a text to say that he wasn't going to take the AC tonight, he would pick him up in the morning and I decided, actually, I'm not having that, because I know the other thing that's happened when he's done this before, and it's that he's told the AC that *I* refused to let him have the AC. (R sorted things out with the AC, and I didn't even know about it until today.)

So I suggested that he collected the AC, and if he found it too much, return the AC to the house. After all, I'm not going anywhere this weekend! LOL!

And that's just what he did. Returned the AC around 6pm because he was feeling very rough. Honestly. When did I ever get to call on him when we were married? When did I ever get to just dump the AC on him because I couldn't be bothered? Aside from the fact that I have never not been bothered with the child because that's not the way I am, I've never had, until the fantastic R, any option other than to flaming well get on with it. R is very good at taking some of the burden when things are tricky, the same as I do for him.

All of that meant that when I was going to do lots of work over this weekend, I'm not going to be able to. Which really means I don't have the time to sit here and do this, but I'm doing it anyway. I'm finding blogging to be very, very cathartic!

So. Let's get on!

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