Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good news!

A friend of mine has offered me a sewing machine that she doesn't use anymore! YAY! How cool is that!

Hopefully at Easter I will be able to take the sewing class I'd like to take on the Tuesday. The AC is with his father, so I may as well use the time for me, as everyone keeps telling me they would if they were me.

The AC and I went into town after school and got his father a birthday present and card for tomorrow. The AC sat down at home and wrote the whole card, by himself. Ok, so he spelt birthday "burthday", but he did it himself, in his own writing, in a card he chose himself, with presents he chose himself, which is what should be happening for his Daddy's birthday.

We also had cake - well it was payday! The AC noticed. I went to the bank, got some money out, and he said "Is that for BG or can we spend that?" I explained that this was our money, that the BG's money goes out of her Daddy's pay day, so we could go and have cake. He knows that we send BG money, and that there are lots of reasons for it. He's happy enough.

He had sprinkly doughnut. Like he cared about anything else!

We also got a game called Piranha Panic from the charity shop - it was £2! The AC and I played it tonight, and we really enjoyed it.

The best part of the day was seeing R when he picked us up from town, and seeing the AC go walking off with him, chattering about his day and what he'd done and so on. Looking at my two chaps, one 6ft4, one waist high on him, both in their uniforms, pottering around town, was brilliant.

There's also some kind of secret going on about Sunday - which is Mothering Sunday. The AC had things that he had to talk to R about that "I don't want to be rude, but I don't want to talk about it with you here." Lol!

We shall wait and see!

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