Thursday, March 26, 2009

If you want a direct answer

..... ask a direct question!

It's not a bad philosophy, but BG just phoned tonight, and *suddenly* and *out of the blue* was asking Daddy if he was going away soon.

There is no way that was unprompted. This is one of those times where I just wish the She-Ex could be a little straight forward, and if she has a question, stick it in an email and ask it! The He-Ex is the same way - he says something to the AC, and the AC asks me and then he asks the AC what I said. Why not just be honest, and ask a straight forward question? We give both Ex's the information they need to know, when they need to know it. What else should we do?

Oh well.

It was great that R got to speak to the BG again though, and he's calling her tomorrow as well as usual.

AC was slightly disturbed, but I settled him easily enough again.

And I'm going back to bed again.

I don't want to say tomorrow looks like a normal day, in case it ends up a repeat of today!

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