Monday, March 23, 2009

So this weeks theme is.....

.... Spring!

Not on here, bur for my special needs children. I plan separate lessons, totally separate Numeracy and Literacy, for 4 children in my class. I need to plan separate science for 2 as well, but I tend to differentiate that on the day. I think I need to make that more formal. Today is a good day though, in fact this week will be a good week.

Monday - French, Numeracy, Literacy, PE (Dancing!) then lunch, after lunch is the Talent Show in which the children showcase their talents and Yours Truly is Morris Dancing with a bunch of other teachers who are good for a laugh.

Tuesday - Numeracy, Literacy, Geography, lunch, then the afternoon is all ICT with the Espresso man.

Wednesday - I'm on a VLE course at another school all day, and a lovely supply teacher (and she is lovely, I won't go if they aren't!) is in my room. And the children have a science day, which I shall miss, but that's ok!

Thursday - Numeracy, Literacy, Art, (start the big maps), lunch, swimming, circle time.

Friday - Numeracy, Literacy, Science (finishing off Forces topic) lunch, library, handwriting, Treat Time, home,

That's the week done!

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