Monday, March 23, 2009

Wait and see!

The He-Ex is in weird form at the moment. He has the AC on a Tuesday and Wednesday after school (3.15-6pm) and on a Friday (3.15-6pm Saturday) The AC keeps coming back not bathed. So I emailed him about it - keeping everything written down - and he seems to think it's ok for the AC not to bath on a Wednesday or a Saturday night. I don't, so he baths here on those nights. But previously he's said he won't do it because it interupts playtimes. Bath time *is* part of playtime here! But then we have a mopable floor and like to play whatever the AC is wanting to play. Increasingly though, as a small boy, he needs to a) be doing things for himself, and b) he needs a little privacy when bathing. I know he doesn't need the latter yet really, but he's getting used to the idea that his body is his own, and if something happens to it that he doesn't like, he needs to say, whether it's food going in, issues with what comes out, someone hurting him, he needs to say. Over the last year, he has been, even to the point of asking not for tickles after a certain point, which is good. It's his body, he needs to feel that he has control over it in many, many ways. Unless he's after getting his ear pierced, which as a 5 year old boy is a no no no no! When he's 15, fine, do the stupid stuff that children that age do, knowing you've made your own decisions, but not right now little man!

Right now, he's after joining the Cubs. It would be fine at the moment, but less so when he goes up to Junior Class for his martial arts, as it's on at the same time. In fact, his Junior Class is going to be difficult as all of the times are times he is with his father. Even now his father skips the Saturday class when he feels like it, and this one would be later in the day, so even more inconvienient.

We'll wait and see what happens. I'd like him to join Boys Brigade, but there isn't one near here. There's Cubs and Scouts, which would be a lot of Saturday commitment, again, debatable with his father, and on a Wednesday evening, which would be good in some ways as then his father would drop him off and I would pick him up, except his father would stay, which parents are disuaded from but it won't stop him lol!

Waiting and seeing seems to be the theme for this side of my life this week!

We've woken up to two comments on the blog. That, coupled with the messages last night about Mothering Sunday and wanting to work things out got me thinking at 5am when I was debating getting up or trying to go back to sleep.

My conclusion was simple, but the same as it has been before. I'll wait and see what happens. If *I* hear from her, that's cool. The second she starts on me, or R, or the past, or cussing and swearing or any aggression, it's gone again. She knows where I am. (Heavens, that's most of the problem lol!)

I don't want to go back to not wanting to check my mail because she's being vile again.
I don't want to go back to watching her degenerate into a screaming fishwife on MSN.
I don't want to go back to the name calling, the lying, the horribleness.

I appreciate that she wants to make an effort - this week. But less than 3 weeks ago she was being horrible to R, because he wasn't told that the BG-Grandmother was going away for teh week and therefore he had to phone the She-Ex instead.

We'll wait and see. I think it's all we can do.

The car has a rotten wheel arch, which is replacable, but we're going to wait and see what James says before we decide which one we'll run this summer.

Still no news on what's happening at school after Easter, again with the wait and see.

Still no Fed-Ex, now we both think it hasn't been sent, or at least not sent on the day she said it was being sent (and again with th fact that this was only a couple of weeks ago - can she change her spots that fast on a permanent basis? I want her to have, but does she?)

Still no idea what to have for tea lol, so I think everyone is waiting and seeing on that one!

Life is good, but tricky in places!

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Hyacynth Filippi Worth said...

Hehe, that helmet is rather becoming on you. :)