Monday, March 23, 2009

What a day lol!

Today was the school Talent Show Final. Talent is a loose word usually when applied to children, but the entrants this year were superb.

Obviously, for the sake of humour, there was a teachers entry, which was Morris Dancing with yours truly fully entering into the spirit of things!

We had a great time, the children enjoyed themselves, and all was fun, if very, very hot in the hall.

And yes, that is a bike helmet on my head, because if you were as inexperienced as me at doing stick dances, you'd want to protect your head as well when up against a professional like I was.

The children loved it, AC was proud of his mummy, and particularly liked this photo of mummy looking like a model.


Crash test dummy model? lol!

In other news AC did a really good job at KSW, we were collected by R and got home to find he'd been home early and hoovered, put the dishwasher on, generally tidied and so on. He's just nipped out to collect a friend of ours from the train station and take him somewhere. Then he'll go and collect him later on I expect.

And I feel the mint icecream calling me....... Ah well. It's only calories. I can work those off easily enough! (I certainly did prancing around today!)

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