Monday, April 20, 2009

End of day 1

First day back was fine.

No really, it was!

If I ignore the fact that everything we agreed at the meeting, and was noted in the minutes book, was utterly ignored to please someone else - who had been at the meeting and whose idea the changes were in the first place, because they also suited him, then the day was fine.

If I ignore the fact that there are a few issues with E.on at the moment, the day was fine.

If I ignore the fact that none of the computers had been reset after the painting like they should have been, that's ok.

If I ignore the fact that I am a terrible Forces Missus because I miss him like stupidness gone crazy, then the day was fine.


It could have been worse.

It was fine because the secretary got Uptech in to sort the computers out, not me.

It was fine because I have been given a days supply on Wednesday to do as I wish with. (I will be coming home I suspect.)

It was fine because I was able to phone Lloyds and sort it out.

It was fine because my children smiled and were pleased to see me, because the TA's worked their behinds off to get through the mistakes of the morning, because I have a great bunch of people that I work with. That was all jolly fine.

It was fine because we had crumpets for tea. And crumpets are good.

It was fine because of a thousand little tiny small things that individually were lovely, but added up together kicked the backside of all the miserable things that I have cheerfully ignored.


It was fine!

And now to work once more..... but only until 9pm, and then I am watching Britains Next Top Model, (like ANTM but with less screaming) and sewing. This is my plan each night I feel.

We shall see.

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