Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Tuesday!


I like Tuesdays.

I teach in the morning and the lovely Mr T teaches in the afternoon.

But I do have to do playground duty, but I don't mind that.

And I have tomorrow to do some ICT stuff! (Except I won't, I'll do planning stuff I think - I may even come home and do it.)

I heard from R last night so I emailed BG, but I haven't heard anything. I did forget to put one thing in but I'll email her tonight about it. TBH, it's just easier this way sometimes. I know I've tried, and at the end of the day that's all I can do. And to be fair to the She-Ex, we have had 8 pictures of BG's birthday, and a random one of her looking grumpy in pigtails. It's nice to see her hair growing out though - she had a middle aged lady cut for a while, and it looked terrible on a small girl.

But the He-Ex is going the same way again at the moment (I did say before they do these things together!) I emailed him some of the pictures of N's party, and carefully edited the choice for the AC so that there weren't ones of him and R in the same way I did for BG, and I've heard nothing back from him. If we get a picture from either of them, and I'm here, I email to say thanks. If R is here, then I leave it to him to email the She-Ex (after all, she's his She-Ex, not mine!) and usually he does. I did the birthday ones because he'd left by the time they actually arrived lol!

Oh mardy ol' me today. I'm tired, I've been working for an hour already, I'm not going to get any exercise in this morning now, and BLEUGH!



That's more or less how I feel!

Hurrah for Tuesday though!

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