Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am not going to blog.

I am going to work.

I am so close to having a whole week where I have kept stuff up together for work.

Ok, so home hasn't done so well out of that, but nowhere is an utter disaster.

And I'm getting odd texts from the He-Ex, but some fairly nice photos of the BG getting her hair cut from the She-Ex. I have thanked her for them, and I also emailed her this morning to say that the maintainance might be due on Thursday next week, but it won't be going to her until Saturday as that's the earliest R can do it. As that's what we were asked to do, I'm happy for that to happen.

I feel petty, but I refuse to be dragged in, and then accused of interfering when it was just me doing the things I was asked to do.

And honestly.

I'm not blogging.

See me work!

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