Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So today......

Today I have to stay in. All day.

The Gas and Electric man is coming to read the meter at some point today, some point between 8am and 8pm. Which means I have to get dressed vefore 3pm, unlike yesterday. My mother was appalled by this, until she realised that as the AC (usually) and I (all the time) sleep in the rudey-nudey, our jama's were in fact clean clothes and we hadn't been in the same clothes for how ever many hours that would have been.

I woke the AC up in the end and he went to the toilet and walked himself upstairs to bed. Well crawled. Anyway, he got to bed, and I don't think he even noticed! It was just too cold and too uncomfotable for him to leave him sleeping on a floor all night. I know there are children all over the poorer parts of the world who do this every night, but he doesn't have to, he has a bed so he should be in it!

And now he's up. As I have 9am today to 6pm tomorrow without him, I am off to snuggle.


And there *will* be laters.

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