Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update the second

Well, I got distracted.

It happens. I am my mother's daughter.

And so, in order to refocus myself, I went with the quilting option that I had been putting off for a while. I started this thing in November, from a pile of jeans that I needed to use so that I stopped wearing them.

Some were just old and tired. But still fitted. I could only wear them in the house because the knees had gone, but that was ok.

Some were too big, and left over from my size 16 days. US people, I think that's a size 14. Whatever, it was in my heifer days. As in Size of a Cow by The Wonder Stuff. I loved the Wonder Stuff. Almost as much as, in those days, I liked cake.

I still like cake. But these days I exercise and I get lots of what has been referred to as the mattress mambo (which expression made me laugh!) and I don't eat as much rubbish, nor drink as much alcohol, hence I am back to a trim size 10. US people, I think it's a size 8. If I'm wrong, leave me a note lol!

Size 10 is still overweight apparently, but I'm 34, I'm 5ft 3, and I'm happy, the man thinks I am the most gorgeous creature he has ever seen, and that suits me!


And by the way, that's the way today has been. Distracted.

So (what was I on about?) Oh yes, the quilt.

So I made it from a lot of old jeans, cut into squares, stitched together by hand into strips, and then I had to stop, because I had blisters. Denim is hard stuff.

Now I have a sewing machine, I went with the sewing the strips together option, as opposed to the sorting clothes upstairs option.

Please to observe the results thus far.

It's bigger than this, this is just a photo of about half of it I think. I have an old blanket to go underneath it, and then probably a flannel back on it.

I think it looks quite lovely. We'll ignore the fact that some of the seams don't match up and that there's a couple of squares in the wrong place for the colours to go properly, and focus on the fact it's my first one, and it's functional, and I like it.

I love it.

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H F W said...

That's very pretty!!