Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This house won't clean itself!

...... 32 hours at least.

AC has been collected by his father, the Electric man has been and gone, the Gas man is still coming some time before 8pm (!) and I am going to used this time of forced inside-the-house-ness to do STUFF.

everyone up and fed.
den deconstructed and items carefully folded to the sofa
dryer done
washing done but now needs drying.
bins out
Photos to memory stick as a surprise for the He-Ex


clean mini-pig
water test all 4 tanks
water changes where necessary

swish and swipe
evict old bottles
flannels to wash

clear in front of the washing machine - this is apparently some kind of dumping ground!
ad infinitum.
ad nauseum.

clear oven side
clear end
clear sink side
clean oven
defridgemagent the fridge
clean fridge

small table
de-random-junk the sides
clean tops of tanks
windowlene tanks

dining room
clear table
sort fabric

shoes upstairs

AC's room
change bed
discover the floor
clothes away from washinng
remove all nonfitting clothes for charity shop in the morning

Our room
sort washing (it's all clean - just everywhere!)
put away.

Office - start dejunking

We want to be able to decorate the office in the summer to move into there ready for the winter, leaving the middle bedroom free for guests/playroom for the AC.

Actually, writing that out, it's a lot less of a list than it usually is. I must be getting somewhere with the routines and remembering to do stuff.


Drink and sit down, then get on at 1030. 15's each room I think!

I might even do before and after photos!

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