Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Which is which?

One of these pictures is a trailer. One is a caravan. Which is which? It's not the usual kind of question I ask but I have received an email from the She-Ex, stating that she does not read my blog, but that she has friends that do.

Ok. That's ok. It's a free country.

And then telling me to learn the language, because I said she lived in a caravan. She does.

As far as this blog, which is written in English (as opposed to American-English) is concerned, she does.

Caravans are where people live who don't live in houses. Or houseboats. Or windmills. Or any other of a myriad of places that people could live in. But they aren't made of bricks.

A trailer is something that goes behind a car and you put rubbish in it to go to the dump. Or wood. Or motorbikes. Or whatever, it's used for transporting goods. Lorries have trailers. (No pun intended, and if you have no idea why that is so funny, don't worry!)


Ok, well I had no intention of posting this yet, I was just venting, laughing, and leaving it on draft. I wrote it on here because I had started an email in reply and had though "Y'know what - this is only going to wind her up, leave it!"

I thought I saved it to draft.

Turns out it just sends it later on. Even when I thought I'd deleted it LOL!

So I had an email from her this morning with an American dictionary definition of caravan. It clearly says, at the bottom, "chiefly British : a house on wheels, a trailer" I'm British. I write from England. There you go!

This is a trailer in England. I suspect she does not live in one of these.

This is a caravan in England. I suspect this is more like that which she lives in, although we have never actually seen any photographs of where the BG lives, despite asking for them.

I personally like bricks and mortar for living in, but I appreciate that different countries do different things. Some of the American houses in the towns that are made of wood look lovely, and I'm guessing would be easily repairable in the event of dry rot or whatever.

The She-Ex doesn't read the blog, her friends do, and they tell her stuff. *shrug* I don't mind who reads it. If I minded, it wouldn't be here! Regardless, here's a little factoid for anyone who reads this blog.

It's my blog.

I will use the words I know, from my country, and will not be told to learn anyone elses language to suit them. If a person doesn't like what I write then, as I've said before, hit the little x button and it all goes right away!



Angharadz said...
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Angharadz said...

Of course one might go for the equally unfathomable 'mobile home'
Unfathomable in that it is clearly parked up for the duration yet forever known as 'mobile'
Perhaps that's also to do with the people who might live there?
Nor do I see the positive connotations of speaking of one's home as having fallen off the back of a lorry.. or taking up residence in the back of a lorry? Perhaps it is in the vein ofthose in the Fen who still(?) live in homes that started as railway carriages?