Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So all was well last night, I was tucked up in bed after speaking to R briefly, who had managed to speak to BG on her birthday, and off I go to sleep.

1.09am we're popping into outpatients for doc to listen to AC.

0109 Ok, let me know if you need me or want me to come

0135 Doc given dose of steroid. AC happy. Off home.

0136 Just a case of taking it easy over the next few days. What did he say AC has?

0146 Croup

0148 well get all to bed and I'll catch up in the morning. Speak to you in a while! Lots of love and cuddles to AC.

I'm still waiting to hear from him, but I suppose it is only 0735.

I'll call there around 8am if I haven't heard. But it makes me laugh because I deal with this every time. We use steam, we use propping, and he gets through it, without the steroids in the vast majority of cases. His Dad has him for one night, and bam, straight to the doc, straight with the steroids, in the middle of the night, when he *knows* that this is just croup, and we deal with it repeatedly, and you cannot stick steroids in a small body on a repeated basis.

Oh well.

Lots of oh welling today I think. I've texted R and let him know as much as I know.

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