Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The way I feel

This is how I feel today.


I can't write it any better than this lady, but this is how I feel today.

So I shall plaster on a happy smile, sing in the shower to get myself laughing, dance my way through the house picking up the worst bits and hoovering, and then giggle through lunch. Being jolly.

No doubt I shall be being perfect and Mary Poppins and earth mothery as well.


See. I'm laughing already.

The AC has a doctors appointment at 4.10. We are going to get this cough-that-needs-steroids looked at completely. With a Doctor who knows what he is doing. Dr A is a lovely Dr, who has been patient and kind and understanding already. So now he can do the same for the AC. As a result of seeing Dr A I got physio, I got me sorted quite a lot. Now he can do the same for the AC.

That's a lot of trust to put in one Doctor, but today, that's also the way I feel.

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