Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weird day yesterday

I mean weird.

Shortly after yesterdays post I got up and tidied through the kitchen. Then I went to put the rubbish in the bin.

The bin is outside the front door.

The door was locked.

I had no recollection of locking the door! Worse than that, I had no idea where my keys were, after locking the door, on the grounds that I had no idea I had locked the door.

I was logical though. The keys were on top of the toilet, where I had gone prior to my nap, apparently.

In the rest of yesterday, I sewed, and sewed and cut and sewed, and I now have the remainder of the squares cut, stitched across into 2 triangles, and cut again. I fully intend to bang out of school asap tonight, get home, and spend a couple of hours ironing, and making up the blocks.

That leaves me Thursday and Friday to make the top up, Saturday to put the layers together and quilt it, and Sunday to take it over, hopefully.


Today is a good day. I have decided.

Yesterday and today we had a picture of BG to wake up to - well, I did, I'll show him it later on, when I can, although I have thanked her for it, I doubt there will be any response except to say it isn't from him lol!

He-Ex had the AC and a friend of the AC's round to tea last night, and sent them home with the wrong book bags. *genius!* LOL, it happens, all the book bags look the same and need to have a flap lifted to read the name. But AC and Extra Child had a good time, and so the book bags are an irrelevance!

And this was Joe, a couple of days ago, lieing on my lap with his head on the desk, watching me work. I got cramp from working around him, but he's really needing cuddles at the moment, and that's fine.

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