Thursday, May 28, 2009

More material, more blocks!

Utterly fabulous day.

Today was great.

We stayed home this morning, and Rach and Sally came round with the new Jehovah's Witness magazines, we had a chat, and it was fine. It was about the difference between religions and denominations. Interesting in many ways.

Then the AC and I went to the park. He skated all the way there, with lots of help, he skated around there with very little help eventually, but, reasonably enough, his legs were too tired to skate all the way home, so he put his trainers on. We also went to town, I bought material, forayed into prints with colours, and have spent the evening stitching log cabin blocks onto Stitch and Tear.

I'm not sure how I feel about them.

The material is nice. It's not looking so good here - I'll try and take pictures in the daylight tomorrow and see which I prefer. Basically, there's a beige, a pale green, and the red background with the print on top.

I tried them in each of the three colourways.

I'm heading towards the middle one I think. I like that one better. Any input would be cheerfully recieved!

And here's my favourite picture from today. I took the video camera with us so that I could practice using it, even though we've had it for a long time now, and got some lovely pictures. This is the best one in lots of ways,

because it's so him. Right down to the mud.

Love him so much.

Love BG as well, who has had 2 fillings and a cracked tooth extracted. Poor baby. She was so upset and all she wanted was her Daddy, and she cried and he listened and they were fine, until her mother just said "I need to speak to Daddy now" said to R, "She'll call you later" and hung up.

Eventually she did ring back, and she sounded a little better, and was asking about her Daddy, and it didn't hurt so much - but it shouldn't have hurt at all! Not like that.

Oh well. It's done now. Just hope and pray it doesn't get infected. But there's nothing we can do from here.

Never mind. (Although I do!)


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