Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ok well

it is a gorgeous day, and we're going out to the park. AC is taking his skates, we're going to have another go at independent skating! Woo! LOL.

It'll be fun.

He smacked his face today trying to show me how he can barrel roll on the sofa. I said he couldn't do it safely, so don't do it. He said "I can Mummy, look!"


We had a cuddle and I put something cold on it and he's ok. He said "Lots of mummy's will shout now - why don't you?" I told him I could, but it wouldn't do any good except to make him more scared, what he needs is to talk about safety margins, why Mummy says "No" sometimes, and so on.

So we did.

He was a happy bunny, his face is ok (Bit of a bruise, but putting frozen on it immediately stopped a black eye I think) and he understands.

That's what parenting is about for me - understanding.

That is something I need to work on with the She-Ex. I find it hard to understand her, and so her behaviours, especially when they affect BG and R, are confusing and illogical. I know she didn't know BG would develop the need for a dentist before the Social Healthcare came in (or whatever they call it!) and I'm sure she thought about how having no money again would affect BG when it came to following her dream, but I don't get it I'm afraid.

I'll think about it this afternoon. Will I grok it?

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