Thursday, May 28, 2009

To market, to market

but not for a pig.

I'd have to come home on the bus I expect, so it would be a bad idea!

We'll see if we go, or if we don't. It's up to the AC really - it's his holiday!

Speaking of holidays, the BG has the start of hers ruined - she has toothache :-(

Now I thought this :

"I'm working on getting BG in to see the dentist early next week. Probably monday as that seems to be my days off. As soon as I find out what my copay is. If i need to wait till thursday I will. But i should be able to handle it."

sent 22/04/09 would have meant that BG had seen a dentist recently. But apparently not. And as the She-Ex has walked out of her proper job, they have no insurance, again. Which somehow, is apparently something R should be fixing. And there's been nothing about her reading, and plenty of chat on the phone to R about when the money goes in. It goes in, when it goes in.

Thing is, he gets paid on Friday. She knows this.
He does odd hours with his new job, which, even though she denied knowing it to R, I had told her.
So he can't pay it in on Friday.
He's working this weekend. He will have difficulties paying it in on Saturday.

It might be Monday before it can go to her, via Western Union.

And then, she said to him "Well, S can do it!" as in me. As in "skanky earth mother" as in "b****" as in "I want nothing to do with you ever again" as in her mother telling R that they want nothing to do with me, no emails whatever, and I have respected this, the She-Ex has always contacted me first, and the only reason we are having a converstion now is because it's about BG, and I am suddenly expected to drop everything and go pay her money in? As R said, it was her that said why didn't he get off his "G'damned ass and pay the G'dammed money for his G'damned daughter instead of me." She swore worse than that though I expect.

So......... no.

Except that, we all know, because it's for BG, I'll do it. Because it's the best thing for BG. Because she needs to see a dentist, she needs to eat, she needs all those things that the maintainance money does.

So....... I will. The She-Ex will be nice, probably send a couple of photos, I'll relent, send the money, ask about the reading, she'll say I'm nagging/bossy/whatever and that will be that.

She even mentioned moving BG again in her email yesterday am. As in moving caravan, moving school, moving friends, moving everything that is stable in that little girls life, at a point when her education is at it's most tenuous, and she's wanting to move? I mean, come on!

Anyway, it's 0708, I've been awake only 45 minutes and out of bed for 20! I need a cup of tea. The AC is still sleeping, bless him, so we'll see what he's up to today. And I need to order my prize today! YAY!

AC and I need to think about Father's Day as well. It's coming up! 21st June I think this year. After AC's birthday anyway.

I also need to do church notices.

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