Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pictures from the Tractor show.

Ok, you may consider this to be sad Dear Reader, but I like engines! The Tractor Show was fabulous. There was a vintage car parade, static engines, tractor display, Search and Rescue (In Norfolk! Who knew!) and life was good.

Butter churn. We're going to make butter in the summer, we decided.

Saw, powered by small petrol engine. Slowly cutting through bullhead rail. I *need* one.

Lots of Fergusons. I like Fergies.

A Pig. According to R, that's what the colloquial expression is lol!

Bubble car! AC loved this one.

My Dad had one of these. AC was not so sure.

And we all loved the military Landy's. Technically, I could restore Ellie back to this and join. Unlikely though!

My favourite last picture. I didn't send this one to the BG, she got the one of them posing for the camera. This one was R telling AC about his Dad, who used to ride a Norton. AC loves bikes, and the speed he's growing, he'll be on one before we know it!

The woman at the tool stand said "You going help Daddy with the wheels then?" and AC just said "Yes!" R looked at me, looked at him, and said, "Well, come on then son." and off they went. All this 'step' business is for numpties apparently!

AC talked to me the other day about how lucky he was to have a normal Daddy, and R, who is more like a Daddy. And apparently the best Mummy in the World!

Well, who am I to argue!

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