Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Super Early!`

R had to go to work early today, which is fine as he'll finish earlier as well hopefully. His new job will have a couple of earlies, a couple of lates, and the rest will be ordinary time. Over all, he'll see less of us but be able to phone BG on a more regular basis all through the year, rather than the way it was before. AC and I have talked about it, and we can live with that if it's better for BG, which it is.

Random phonecall from the She-Ex last night, for no apparent reason other than to validate her educational choices. Who to, I'm not sure! I think the intention was to show us what a good job she was doing as a mother again. *shrug* If she is, she is, if she isn't she isn't. I'm not saying she's not, I'm not saying she is, I'm just saying lol!

She's been really random over the last few days, including a random email to say she was angry, but not why! We ignored it - what else could we do? It'll be some small thing blown out of proportion I expect. We've gone past payday lol!

IN other news it's jolly early. It's still early. I've done an hour of work already this morning, sorted washing, washed washing, dried washing, washed and dried child, and there's still an hour before school!

I feel a picture post coming on!

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