Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hurrah for being FIT!

Yes ladies and gents, boys and girls, I am officially FIT!

I ran in the Mummies Race at the AC's Sports Day and I did not come last. I wasn't in the top three, but then the woman who won it runs for the town, so I'm not *that* surprised, she set a fast pace.

I ran it, and I was totally fine afterwards, no huffing and puffing, no nothing!


Check out my size 12 jeans ripping up that track like Roadrunner! (well, maybe more like Coyote, but you get the general idea!_) See the smile on my son's face because he is SO proud of his Mummy. Hear him say "You ran REALLY fast Mummy! You are a good runner! I love you!"

Anyway, after that shameless praising of my own self, the rest of the day.

I bought a hat.

I bought sunscreen.

I bought a patchworking magazine, and a book. (The book was only £2.50 in the Heart Foundation Shop, so that's ok!)

I bought a fan for AC's room.

I got some shopping.

I came home.

I didn't spend a lot. Then I went up to Sports Day and had a fabulous time as a helping mummy.

And at the end of Sports Day they had a Mummies Race, and I ran in it and I DID NOT COME LAST! Did I mention that?

**Sharp eyed readers may notice that AC is *not* wearing the Paveway missiles hat! He is wearing a RAF Rise above the Rest one that the was given, but not the "One Bomb one target!" one that he has insisted on wearing forever. And he's coming on Parade with us tomorrow!

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