Monday, June 22, 2009

So now what?

So now there's email for R when he gets up. Tempting as it is to open it and see what she's trying to upset him with now, I shall not. I've told her I don't, and I have the integrity to not do something when I've said I won't. Or to do it when I've said I will. No email for me though. Part of me is amazed at the rudeness, part of me is glad. I would be disappointed with myself if someone else had to sort out this kind of thing for me without being asked, without being thanked. It's manipulation and using. It's taking people for granted. But I look back in the stuff I have, and it's always like this. It's cyclical. Eventually, I will forget how upset I was, I will do something nice because I'm like that, like the money, or his birthday or something. She will be reasonable, I will think she is gone back to the nice person I know she is inside, we will talk, and then fron nowhere it will all blow up and the only difference will be that each time it is less painful, because I've been here before, so many, many times. But until BG reaches an age of majority, an age where she can legally make up her own mind, an age where she can travel independently, we're all stuck on this merrygoround. (Now *there's* a misnomer!)

Never mind. We had a wonderful family day together.

I need to complete the lesson plan for today.

I need to work out the logistics of getting the AC to and from school today as well. I need to see the doc to check I'm clear (I am not having longer off work than I need to - I have a job to to lol!)

I will complete reports today (see me, working when I'm ill! Check me out with my work ethic lol!)

Anything else is a bonus. Oh, Tesco are delivering as well. That will be useful. I'll pay the mortgage as well. That'll be useful too!

Child is staying in bed later, and we don't have to leave the house until 8.20, which will get him there for 8.40, so on time. I'll send him straight in, with a note that says hang on to him for 5 minutes and I'll pick him up when everyone else has gone, thus reducing the exposure of the world to my stinkin' chickenpox germs.

Unclean........ unclean........ dong........... dong............ dong................

And it's school show today. I love school show. :-(

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