Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What happened to my post?

I wrote another post last night. OK, so I was flying on nurofen, but it should still be here somewhere. Oh well. I think it was just about the sewing I was doing last night. I think. There may have been more to it, but I don't know.


Plan for today.

clean kitchen
clean bathroom
stay upright.

The last one appears to be a little tricky so far this morning, but never mind. I've got this far lol!

The nurse yesterday said to go back and see them on Thursday, which means definately Friday at the earliest before I can go back. And there are still new ones coming up :-(

I know other people would love to have a paid week off work, but I take my job seriously, I love my job, and teaching isn't just "a job". It is properly a vocation. I believe it is something I am called to do, so being stuck here bites!

Oh well.

Lovely phonecall from the BG last night, randomly, with the She-Ex being all sweetness and light to R. Fairly polite to me, but only because I answered the phone (and much as once she told me not to answer the phone, I think you'll find it's our house, so we can both answer the phone!)

I am so tired of all this stuff right now.

In fact, I'm just tired.

Back to bed isn't an option for me though, not right now. Later it will be. Oh yes indeed!

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