Sunday, June 21, 2009

What a day.

Today has been wonderful. We have determined it to be wonderful. Father's Day is painful for R, for obvious reasons, which were not helped today by emails and oddness from the She-Ex. She says she is tired of me badmouthing her, when all I expressed was sympathy and pity for her situation.

So I'm going to leave that there. I know she reads this now, for all her assertations that she didn't, which I knew to be incorrect. She had the temerity to correct me on the reasons I had written something, but lets look at the facts -

1) it's *my* blog.
2) *my* brain thinks of the words.
3) *my* fingers type the words.

Given 1, 2 and 3 above, I think *I* know the reasons why I write something. If I say it was out of sympathy, then it was, although tbh, after the antics of today, there's precious little of it left. It was a good attempt at spoiling the day, and a more cynical person than me would say it was deliberate. But let us not argue over little things. She made her choice, and now she's living with the results - but she forgets we all are living them, all living the result of her choice. And tired of being blamed for her choice.

In the end, BG phoned, R opened the presents on the phone to her, and AC was still up, so he got to be there as well, which was nice, and so I emailed the She-Ex to thank her for phoning at a time that meant the AC could be involved.

So, on to what happened on Fathers Day that mattered. Because the rubbish that we had today from her, well, that was just an irrelevance. If we let it matter, we wouldn't do anything. And we do!

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