Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm a good girl.

I am such a good girl lol.

(If I am such a good girl why I am I so irritated about doing what I've just done?)

I just did a good thing.

(The act was good, the thought was good, the irritation that I have to do this is amazingly huge!)

I let the He-Ex know what was going on.

I didn't have to, it's not his right, it's nothing that I legally have to do. I just did, because, well, basically, it's polite, it's another way to acknowledge that he is the AC's father, that I cherish the good time we had together, and that whilst I know it doesn't work the other way, I don't care. I care that I've done the right thing for the AC and for us.

There is nothing coming the other way at the moment - no photos, no maintainanace, no nothing.

I suppose that's why I'm so irritated that I still did the right thing! I am trying so hard to turn the other cheek, as the Book says, to think, "Well, hang on, 2 wrongs don't make a right, what is the best thing I can do in this circumstance?"

And yeah.

I'm getting there lol.

Quilting this afternoon. I'm going to make some sample squares for a cross quilt and see how free quilting goes.

Laters people.

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