Thursday, July 16, 2009

Such news!


This is a proud Mummy post!



Well, it is!

They have moved the ceremony forward to today, so I'm posting about it today, rather than Friday.

But this morning, at around 9am, the AC will receive his classes "Class Cup" trophy. Each class has 1 to give out, and it's a combination of the children's thoughts and the teachers thoughts. When his teacher told me on Monday, she said she'd thought about it and thought whether she should because he was a teachers child. And then she thought that she didn't care about that, she cared that he deserved it. Her reasonings will be announced in her presentation speech today. I also have a speech to do, for when I give mine out to the child in my class.

I am so proud of him. When the ceremony was tomorrow afternoon, R had the afternoon off of work booked so that he could come. As it's now this morning, R has to be somewhere and can't be there, but we're going to take the AC out for a special meal to celebrate and show him how proud his parents are of him and how much we value the work he has put in.

Regardless of what the She-Ex says, the AC isn't perfect and he does have to try hard at certain things, like his writing, and R and I have put in hours of work on it, both with the homework each week and with the work we've done separately, or even with just correcting the odd thing here and there, with providing extra opportunities to write. I originally didn't want to post this, because she won't be pleased for him, and it'll get thrown at one of us as a difference between him and the BG which is the way she usually uses the children. But then I thought no, I am so proud of him, the WORLD should know how happy we are for him. (Whether it wants to or not!) LOL! We'll put it all up in the blog for the BG later, but she hasn't seen last weeks 2 blogs yet, and I don't want to overload her!

I phoned his father to let him know, and to invite him, even though I didn't particularly want to, and I was right not to want to, as his father has told him that he'll be there for Awards Assembly today. I thought saying "AC doesn't know" and "I've had to tell you because school don't have your contact details and this isn't something that we put in a note home in case the children read it" would have pointed to the fact that it was supposed to be a surprise. However, I did the right thing, and did not let my feelings get in the way of what is best for the AC, who will be really pleased to see his father as R can't come.

And it's sports day this afternoon as well. AC is coming home with me because it's Thursday, and then tomorrow it's last day of school and he is coming home with me again because his father chose to forgo time with the AC for reasons best known to the He-Ex. I am not bothered what those reasons are (I suspect they are financial and parental.) but I am glad to spend time with my son.

Who has won the Class Cup. Did I mention that?

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