Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wordlive strikes again.....

Over the last 7 weeks, and yes, 7 weeks tomorrow, I have received the Scripture Union Wordlive Bible Study.

On the vast majority of days, it has been something that I needed to hear.

Today, on my first day back to school, on a day where I cannot avoid people, no matter how I try, the subject was "Under pressure"

The prayer was "Before you do anything, pray for strength. Then, before you have to face anything, you’ll be strong enough."

The text was "1 Peter 4 12-19" (No, I'm not going to put it! You go and look it up!)

And the basic premise? Yes, stuff happens, but you can glorify God through the stuff, and continue to do good things. How much harder is it for the unGodly?

That's something I was thinking about last night as well. How do people do this kind of thing without the love and care of God, of the Church, and as a huge bonus, the care of the RAF?

Just how?

So on the way to school I shall listen to music. At lunchtime I shall listen to the podcast in my room where I can do it without interruption. And I will pray for strength and a good game face. If you have a few moments, please join me.

Monday will need buckets of game face, for the child as well as for me, but today I know he's happy camping.

But thankyou Wordlive, you've made my day. Again. And again. And again!

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Darren said...

Glad the note helped... somehow God seems to get the right words to the right people at the right time. Praying with you.