Saturday, October 10, 2009

Calm and chilled

Today I have....

...sorted out Rich's phone - it was either I did it or they sent the bill to the She-Ex. Tempting as it was to throw another one her way, it was unnecessary this time lol!

... upgraded the price plan on mine and discovered when my upgrade is. 3 weeks! But I love this phone. However, it's getting a little tired now, so maybe.... maybe...

... had a sight test, and arranged new glasses. Obviously I'm no longer NHS for them, but that's ok, I managed it. I only had to pay half today and half when I pick them up. That's 2 pairs of glasses for 2 x £184. If I write it like that, it's so much less money!

... consoled myself after a difficult morning with buying material. Yeah. I'm upset about spending money, so I spend more. Well, tbh, I wasn't upset, I needed them, (I cannot live forever with glasses held together with thread!) so probably I just indulged myself. But hey.

... looked for, and found, lots of flat surfaces in the house! Hurrah!

... made plans for AB and lovely K to come tomorrow. We are all very excited.

... bought things from Boots. Hormonally challenged as I am, I have the worlds largest spots on my back. It'll settle. I'll probably go back on the pill, tbh. I'm not going to be doing of the do with anyone, but a bit of regularity might be nice! Dr's on Monday for both of us, then Wednesday for AC for chest clinic.

... made banana cake.

Not a bad day!

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