Thursday, October 8, 2009

Off to bed.

Quilt top is complete.

Quilt top 2 is complete.

Jordan has brought her trousers round, I mended them, she had cup of tea etc, and has just gone home.

Bed is calling me.

Tomorrow I am out to school, football practice, driving lesson, school for quiz in the evening, back here.

Saturday is clean, sew, eye test at 11.30, clean, sew, bake, tidy, gaming at 7.

Sunday is hopefully AB and the lovely K coming down to do lunch, and park, and so on. Should be good.

Monday will be back to school, and I need to have the quilt finished by then, ready to go.

No pressure then....

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Chef Penny said...

I need you to live closer!!! I have been working on Madison's quilt top for month's now. My new goal this weekend is to finish the top so I can get to quilting it before Christmas! Maybe we will get her bed by then too! :)