Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Feeling the love......

I looked at my FB just now, having updated my status an hour ago. I updated it, and then I reread it and added to it in the comments, and then four of my beloved friends left me a message as well.  I am feelin' the love people, feelin' the love.


....is quiet and stunned-ish and not opening any more emails tonight, unless they filter to folders with peoples names on. It's been a long, hard day, but massively improved by a wonderful friend who helped me steady up, and then a wonderful friend who helped me cheer up, and then a wonderful friend who helped me tidy up.

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and actually, when I read that, and think about my amazing brother and how supportive he is, I think, "bugger it, I'm putting this day down as a good one!"

Sometimes it's not how the cookie crumbles, but who helps sweep up the mess it makes, that shows you what the world is really like.
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Sarah I love your cookie crumbles analogy. :) hugs xxxx
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Amen. :)
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We all need friends. You are one of the best. Looking forward to seeing you in feb. Love you.
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my first instinct was - who can i bash for you, then I reread it and thought -wow! this sarah is such an immense person, i'm privileged to know her[with Claire on the analogy, but more so, cos you really live it] - then I thought - see Pippa? jama days are needful - and, finally send hugs, lots of hugs
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