Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tough town

Much against my better judgement, and mainly because I've had yet another email from the She-Ex saying she needs the DC "end of" I went into town today and saw the bank, and the phone company so that's two of the people I need to see, seen.

And then I was done with "forgetting about myself" and bought a new oil burner, came homevia Sainsburys and I'm having a relax for while.  I've also started up Rich's laptop for the 2nd time since his death, and I'm using it now.  It was an expensive buy for us, there's no point leaving it doing nothing.

Oh but it hurts to use it and know he won't use it.

However, it's ok.  We're dealing with it.

I'm dealing with things in my own space and time.  I have to.  I have to stay strong for my boy, and that means not being sucked in to nastyness by the She-Ex, and not letting her use the BG to get to me.  She's done it so many times in the past, told me so many lies, that whilst I want to believe her, so much, I'm finding it hard.

I'll get there.

So it's almost 3.30, and I'm going to have a cup of tea, send a couple of mails, and make myself relax.

Laters people.

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