Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I had forgotten

.... how good exercise makes me feel.  It was only 15 minutes today, but I did it.  I was reasonably sore from yesterday, but only in places, which is reasonable.

Yesterday I also bordered the pink triangle quilt, and today I'll pick up some pale pink thread and we should be done with that tonight, which is good because I want to get Lilly's done, as well as start and finish Lily's (there is a difference lol!) and then do Harry-Bank's quilt, then Jo's, then the twins.  Then quilt the UFO's upstairs.


All of it.

Just like that!

I'm finally heading out of a deep rut, and am on the way up again.  I'm not stupid enough to think it's all over, but I'm not holding onto this pain any longer than I have to, because that will make me a nasty, bitter, vindictive person, and I don't want to be that person.

I know that I will have a chance at a different kind of love and happiness soon.  It'll be up to me, to us, to make it work, if that's the way we decide to go.  I'm not ready to go there yet, but I'm getting to it.  I suspect I know when I will be.

This week however, there is only the anniversary of Rich's Celebration, and that was such a good day, for so many reasons, that I remember it with love and joy, just as I remember him.  I wish his daughter could have been there, but I know I've done my best for her to know, and that one day she can ask me if she wants to.

May be she will.

May be the airbrushing of me out of her life will be complete by then, and the reconstruction of the last 5 years will have been done so that it makes Daddy into the bad guy.

Maybe I'm just cynical lol!

*kicks cynical*

Not today - in too good a mood lol!

Off to the shower.  All day Spanish course today!


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