Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 29. A picture of something that can always make me smile.

Two pictures for the price of one. AC and Rich in Sept 2008, the year before he died.

AC and J, February 2011, at his blue belt grading ceremony, 2 years 5 months later.

Always, always, these pictures make me smile. They show a small boys resilience, his determination to carry on, his strength and power and belief in love and the fact that the world carries on, that Rich is safe and with him when he needs him, sees what he does, and sent us an armourer to look after us and that because J knew Rich, and liked him, it is right and proper to love him.

I am so blessed to have his strength in my life.

In other news, DVLA have finally admitted that I am not anything to do with Rich's vehicles, and have the relevant information to do whatever they want to do with the fines. After all, I'm not the legal next of kin. Morally, well.... It came through yesterday. 20 months of arguing, of upsetting letters and worse phone calls, going over and over what happened. And all the while, those who insisted they were the next of kin sat in their ivory towers whilst I defended the house from bailiffs, found information, wrote letters, threatened legal action, held a crying child who refused to pick up the post because some of it is addressed to Rich and he doesn't want it to be "angry-making post."

Now he will. Last night he chatted with J about DVLA, about Rich, about car shows, and we told him that on the two year deathiversary this year, we'll be at Dubs on the Green. He laughed, and said we could picnic and eat ice-cream and Rich would like that because he loves picnics and ice-cream.

My strong, brave, resilient, child, for whom I could write all of my 1000 thankyous to God.

When I think about thanking God for him though, thankyou is such a small word.

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Caroline said...

Sarah, your blog is brilliant - I lost a good hour and half last night reading back through your old posts. So glad to have found you through this comment ring thingybob - and this post is lovely, too - brought more than a tear to my eye, I might tell you. x