Friday, May 11, 2012

I am a pensioner (and so is the AC)

It is true.

After almost 3 years, several letters, quite a lot of hoop jumping,  and finding documentation to prove what I say is true, the AC and I are going to be in reciept of a pension from Rich's old work.  It's not the RAF dependants pension, but the point is that it doesn't have to be.  The She-Ex has that, and I hope she uses it well for BG's future.

This has never been about the amount for me, (although it is nothing to be sneezed at!) but about the principle.  The intention that Rich's family, and Lori herself, seemed to have, that the AC and I can be whitewashed out of his life like we were never there, like he didn't love us and like we didn't love him, has been defied.  Rich's aunt actually said that the way Rich and the AC felt about each other wasn't important, that the BG was the blood daughter and the only one who mattered - and that was less than a fortnight after his death!

This was about someone, anyone, appreciating what we all meant to each other.  This was about the fact he had two children that he supported, two that he cared about and cherished and loved and protected.

It's all good people.  It's all good.

And it's back dated, which means we've been looking at things

like this.......... and this

or even along these lines.....

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Watch this space.......  camper van here we come!

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Chef Penny said...

Yay! God is good! You did mean a lot to Rich and it feels good to finally be recognized, doesn't it? Rich is smiling at someone finally stepping up and doing the right thing! You deserve it.