Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And that was helpful how?

Ok, so I'm in the middle of making tea when the BG calls.

At 4.45pm.

I had to tell her Daddy wasn't home. :-( I didn't say it was because it was 4.45pm and it's at least 15 minutes before he finishes, let alone drives home and gets here, and that's without anything going on at work, as is the nature of his job. I didn't say all that because she is 6.

But we had a nice chat. It's clear that I am the Evil Queen in that house, from the way that she spoke, and that's a little painful because the She-Ex isn't spoken of that way here. AC thinks of her as BG's mummy, and was really pleased to get a present from her, and asks about her, and refers to her as his "red-haired stepmum." (It was more auburn last time we saw her, but it was referred to as red by several people in front of the children as a nickname for lots of women at the camp who dyed their hair that colour. Garnier must make a fortune out of that camp!)
Anyway, she is treating the new dog really well by feeding it pepparoni, and she wants me to ask her Daddy to give the AC a hug from her. Which solves any problems I've been having about how she feels about her relationship with the AC and her father and how those two interact.

She gave me her mothers phone number to get Daddy to give her a call later, so he will, whenever it is he gets back. Hopefully he'll be able to talk to her just as much, if not more than I did.

She is so lovely, so gorgeous, and so bloody far away. :-(

And this is supposed to be fair?

But hey, at least I got to talk to her! And at least there wasn't a row with the She-Ex. In fact, I haven't heard anything from her, so that tells me what I need to know. It's all good. :-)

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