Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A, B, C's of me!

Ok, I'm not working, I'm chilling!
If you fill this in, let me know so I can read it lol!

A - Age: 34 chronologically, about 23 in my head!

B - Bed size: Queen

C - Chore you hate: bins

D - Dog's name: No dog! (But I always wanted one called Ben)

E - Essential start your day : cuddles and kisses.

F - Favorite color: hazel and blue

G - Gold or Silver: silver

H - Height: 5'3"

I - Instruments you play: guitar, recorder, violin, viola (long time ago!)

J - Job title: Teacher

K - Kid(s): AC

L - Living arrangements: semi detatched 3 bedroom house with AC, R, Joe, Lightening, Dave, Fudge, and a variety of fish!

M - Mom's name: Pippa

N - Nicknames: None these days! (Mum and Miss Coooooooook don't count!)

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: delivering AC (next one at home, if there is ever one!)

P - Pet Peeve: people saying they'll do something, and encouraging you to leave it to them, and then them not doing it.

Q - Quote from a movie: "Out of danger Captain?" "Out of Danger Spock."

R - Right or left handed: Right

S - Siblings: Ru and Hannah

T - Time you wake up: 5am

U- Underwear: low risers or thongs

V - Vegetable you dislike: swede

W - Ways you run late:Looking for things the child needs for school.

X - X-rays you've had: arm, back, legs

Y - Yummy food you make: according to R, everything!

Z - Zoo favorite: I'm not fond of zoos, but if I had to choose a wild animal, I'd go with bears.

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