Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Bedtime for this bunny.

There was another phone call from the She-Ex this time, all sorts of stuff, but no BG to speak to Daddy (she was at the neighbours) and to tell me that BG enjoyed speaking to me and says I don't sound like a school teacher.

I wonder what she thought I sounded like before? We've spoken several times. Maybe it's what she's been told I'm like.

Oh who knows. I could sit here forever trying to second guess what's happening over there, and it comes down to the fact that as long as the BG sounds happy and well cared for, I really don't give a monkeys what her mother is up to lol!

I'm glad she had nice things to pass on to me though, that was nice. Unexpected, but very nice.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring! (I do - I've got my diary open!)

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