Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The AC is tucked up in bed, reading a Star Wars book. I can hear him "I am the most p... pow.... powerful Jedi there has ever been!" "Much to learn you have," and so forth. He's just gone up to Stage 7 readers, and got his third reading challenge of the year! He has to read to one of us 50 times to get a challenge, and it means he gets given a book of his own in assembly to keep. They get to choose the book as well. Last time it was the World War II book, so heaven only knows what it'll be this time.

He's nearly a free reader now though, and to hear him able to pick up almost any book he likes and just read it is amazing. He loves books and learning, just for it's own sake, not even for a purpose, other than because he wants to know.

His class are writing their own information book at the moment and it's interesting to hear him talk about what they are doing and use all the technical vocabulary. Some days it's hard to remember he's only 5, and not six for another few months.

R is out until late tonight, he texted at 6 to say it would be another couple of hours yet. He's loading something onto airplanes, in the cold and the dark. Lovely. The good thing is that with his experience he'll be the one in the warm forklift! (Hopefully!)

So I am going to try my stovies, and see what it is like.

I'll post the results. Because if it works, it is the cheapest and easiest tea I've done in a long while.

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